B&M 70265 SuperCooler Transmission Cooler

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The B&M 70265 SuperCooler is universal stacked plate transmission oil cooler that is built from a very stylish polished aluminum construction, like some other B&M SuperCoolers.

The SuperCooler 70265 comes with 1/2″ NPT fittings which will require  you to source your own fittings, but this allows you to construct your own custom lines such as -6an or -8an braided lines for a higher quality and secure connection.

Like all B&M SuperCoolers, the stacked plate design of the 70265 gives drivers an estimated 30% more transmission fluid cooling efficiency than traditional tube and fin designs while, having 15% less transmission fluid flow restriction which allows for maximum cooling. 

Based on its size and construction, the B&M 70265 would be best suited for daily driven cars and SUVs, and performance street vehicles.

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B&M 70265 SuperCooler Transmission Cooler - Transmission Cooler GuideB&M 70265 SuperCooler

7,500 BTU Stacked Plate Shop Now

B&M 70265 SuperCooler Specs

Like all B&M SuperCoolers, the 70265 is a stacked plate style transmission cooler that will effectively cool your transmission fluid.  The B&M 70273 has an 11″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″ body with 12 rows of cooling to handle even the most extreme conditions.

The B&M 70265 SuperCooler is the perfect option excellent option for those looking to keep transmission temperatures down when using your vehicle in a wide range of transmission stress in conditions such as light towing, hauling, cruising in your hotrod on the weekends, or sitting in traffic on your daily commute.

Cooler Dimensions: 11″ x 2.75″ x  1.5″

Cooler Type: Stacked Plate

Number of Cooling Rows: 12

GVW: 7,500 BTU

Fitting Size: 1/2″ NPT threads

B&M 70266 Transmission Cooler 1/2

Recommended Uses

  • Performance street vehicles
  • Daily driven cars & SUVs

With its 7,500 BTU rating, this cooler would be a great addition to any factory transmission cooling system, and would aid in keeping transmission temps within a safe range.

B&M 70265 Installation

B&M 70265 Transmission Cooler Installation - Transmission Cooler Guide

The B&M 70265 SuperCooler comes as a stand alone cooler, so there is no installation kit included unlike other coolers in the B&M lineup. Because of this, installation will be dependent on each vehicle’s application.  Most will mount and install transmission coolers in front of their vehicle’s air conditioning condenser and radiator, so the installation of the 70265 will require you to get your own mounting hardware and trans cooler lines.

The biggest thing to consider when installing this cooler is where to mount it.  Depending on your vehicle, the 1.5″ thickness may make installation a tight fit, so be sure to find a place that receives more than adequate air flow to the cooler.

B&M 70265 Pros & Cons


  • Heavy Duty Stacked Plate Design
  • 1/2″ NPT Fittings
  • 7,500 BTU Rating
  • Low Pressure Drop Sytem
  • Compact Design


  • No Installation Kit

For complete B&M 70265 installation instructions, click here to view the official B&M SuperCooler installation manual .


Overall, the B&M 70265 is a great option for daily driven cars, SUV’s, and performance oriented street vehicles that demand efficient transmission fluid cooling.  Between its size and 7,500 BTU rating, this cooler provides adequate cooling, and would make for a great addition to any factory cooling system. 

While this cooler does not include hardware or fittings, the cooler is reasonably priced, so you can purchase additional pieces without breaking the bank. Like other transmission coolers with 1/2″ NPT fittings, we recommend using either -6an or -8an transmission cooler lines to get as much cooling capacity as possible while creating a very secure, leak free connection. 

B&M 70265

The B&M SuperCooler 70265 provides 7,500 BTU of cooling from an 11"x 2.75"x 1.5" polished aluminum construction for serious cooling. Learn more!

Product Brand: B&M

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  • Heavy Duty Stacked Plate Design
  • 1/2″ NPT Fittings
  • 7,500 BTU Rating
  • Low Pressure Drop System
  • Compact Design


  • No Installation Kit