B&M 70266 SuperCooler Transmission Cooler Review

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As mentioned in our drag racing transmission coolers guide, the B&M 70266 is one of the best transmission coolers on the market for your performance driven car, truck, or sporty SUV.

The SuperCooler 70266 comes with 1/2″ NPT fittings which will require extra fittings, but allows for -6an or -8an transmission lines. Like all B&M aft coolers, the 70266 also has a low pressure drop system to prevent over cooling.

Like all B&M SuperCoolers, the 70266’s stacked plate design provides an estimated 30% more transmission fluid cooling efficient than traditional tube and fin designs while having 15% less transmission fluid flow restriction which allows for maximum cooling. 

One of the most popular transmission coolers, the B&M 70266 SuperCooler utilizes a durable black, lightweight aluminum stacked plate construction that delivers serious transmission fluid cooling and efficiency. This design is damage and corrosion resistant to give you many  years of worry free transmission cooling. 

Overall, the B&M 70266 is hands down one of the top rated transmission coolers for heavy duty usage and was featured in our transmission cooler buyer guide.

Transmission Cooler GVWR Type Of Cooler Price
B&M 70266 SuperCooler Automatic Transmission Cooler - Transmission Cooler Guide 20,500 BTU Stacked Plate  Shop Now

B&M 70266 SuperCooler Specs

Like all B&M SuperCoolers, the 70266 is a stacked plate style transmission cooler that will effectively cool your transmission fluid.  The B&M 70266 has an 11″ x 8″ x 1.5″ body with 36 rows of cooling to handle even the most extreme conditions.

The B&M 70266 SuperCooler is the perfect option excellent option for those looking to keep transmission temperatures down when using your vehicle in a wide range of transmission stress in conditions such as towing, hauling, going down the drag strip, or sitting in traffic on your daily commute. 

Cooler Dimensions: 11″ x 8″ x  1.5″

Cooler Type: Stacked Plate

Number of Cooling Rows: 36

GVW: 20,500 BTU

Fitting Size: 1/2″ NPT threads

B&M 70266 Transmission Cooler 1/2

Recommended Uses

  • Towing or hauling
  • Performance street vehicles 
  • Daily driven trucks or SUVs
  • Drag racing

With its 20,500 BTU rating, this cooler can easily handle towing or hauling good sized loads.  While there may be more heavy duty transmission coolers for towing, this cooler certainly holds its own in the daily driven car, truck, SUV or performance street vehicles.  

B&M 70266 Installation

B&M 70266 Front mounted transmission cooler - best transmission cooler for drag racing - Transmission Cooler Guide

The B&M 70266 SuperCooler comes as a stand alone cooler, meaning there is no installation kit with hardware. Because of this, installation will be dependent on each vehicle’s application.  Since most people will commonly mount and install transmission coolers in front of the air conditioning condenser and radiator, the installation will need additional parts to accommodate this.  

The biggest thing to consider when installing this cooler is where to mount it.  Depending on your vehicle, the 1.5″ thickness may make installation a tight fit, so be sure to find a place that receives more than adequate air flow to the cooler. 

If you have a more drag race application, you can mount this cooler remotely with a cooling fan to help provide enough air flow. 

B&M 70266 Pros & Cons


  • Heavy Duty Stacked Plate Design
  • 1/2″ NPT Fittings
  • 20,500 BTU Rating
  • Low Pressure Drop Sytem


  • Hard To Install In Tight Spaces
  • No Installation Kit


Overall, the B&M model 70266 is certainly one of the best transmission cooler options for trucks, SUV’s, and performance oriented cars that demand efficient transmission fluid cooling.  Between its size and 20,500 BTU rating, this cooler is more than capable to withstand  extreme abuse. 

Despite the fact that this cooler does not include hardware or fittings to compete the installation, the cost of the cooler will allow you to purchase everything you need. We highly recommend utilizing either -6an or -8an lines with this cooler to get as much cooling capacity as possible while creating a very secure, leak free connection. 

With a 4.4 star average rating on Amazon and 4.8 stars on Summit Racing, the 70266 is a very high quality transmission cooler that will do what you ask of it and then some. For the cost and performance, this is one of the best heavy duty transmission coolers on the market.  

With all that being said, we’ve used this trans cooler on a street / strip car that often sees the racetrack and has a 3200 stall converter with lock up. The B&M 70266 does an amazing job at keeping temps below 170F when the converter is unlocked on hot days (90F).  We give this cooler a 5/5 and it is rightfully deserving. 

B&M 70266

Need a transmission cooler to handle serious abuse? The B&M 70266 is your ticket. This is one of the best heavy duty trans coolers, and rightfully so!

Product Brand: B&M

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  • Heavy Duty Stacked Plate Design
  • 1/2″ NPT Fittings
  • 20,500 BTU Rating
  • Low Pressure Drop System


  • Hard To Install In Tight Spaces
  • No Installation Kit