Auto Meter Sport Comp 3351 Transmission Temperature Gauge

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As we all know, transmission fluid temperatures are the the biggest factor in transmission life. When it comes to reading transmission temps, you need a gauge like the Auto Meter Sport Comp 3351 transmission temp gauge that will provide consistent accuracy for any application.

The Auto Meter Sport Comp 3351 transmission temperature gauge utilizes a full sweep mechanical design that reads a wide range of transmission temperatures ranging from 140 to 280 F. Similar to other Auto Meter Sport Comp gauges, the 3351 has that classic black face, florescent red needle, and silver bezel for a simple look that provides drivers an easy to read gauge.   

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Autometer Sport Comp 3351 transmission temperature gauge - Transmission Cooler Guide

Auto Meter Sport Comp 3351 Transmission Temperature Gauge

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Auto Meter Sport Comp 3351 Specs

The Auto Meter 3351 comes complete with a transmission fluid temperature installation kit that includes a  1/2″ NPT adapter nut, 8′ of tubing, all necessary mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions.

Gauge Size: 2 1/16″ (52.4mm)

Type of Gauge: Full sweep analog

Transmission Fluid Temperature Range: 140 – 280 °F

Gauge Lighting: Incandescent

Voltage: n/a

Auto Meter Cobalt 3351 Installation

Because of the mechanical design of this gauge, installation of a wired temp sender is not required. However, this gauge comes with a 8 capillary tube with a 1/2″ NPT mounting nut that can be installed in your transmission pan, transmission line, or transmission pressure port.

While there is no electric sensor wiring, you would still need to wire in a ground and 12 volt lighting to illuminate the gauge.  This is common with all mechanical Auto Meter gauges.

No matter how you plan to install this gauge, you still need to find a mounting location inside the cabin of your vehicle.  Depending on your application, you might be able to utilize a gauge pod specific for your vehicle that mounts on the A pillar, or a universal gauge mount would be fine.

For more information about installation, check out this Auto Meter installation guide.

Auto Meter Sport Comp 3351 Pros & Cons


  • Easy To Read
  • Classic Auto Meter Design
  • 140 – 280 F Reading


  • May Be Hard To Read Quickly
  • Incandescent  Lighting


Overall, the Auto Meter 3351 Sport Comp transmission gauge is the top rated full sweep, mechanical transmission temperature gauges that offers extreme accuracy while providing that classic Sport Comp look that complements the interior in many vehicles.

With its easy to read face and wide range of transmission temperature readings, the Sport Comp 3351 is a great trans temp gauge for any application!

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